November 29, 2021

6 Great Virtual Games For Team Building And Other Occasions

Virtual Games
Virtual Games

Virtual Games

Virtual team building games are an essential way to bring your team together, even if they live in a whole other country. Virtual team games like a Virtual Escape Room have developed to the point that they offer an immersive environment for all participants. In addition, team building a activities are also a great training tool and an amazing medium for interaction and discussions. In this blog article, we will recommend 6 Great Virtual Games For Team Building And Other Occasions to create an interactive and engaging experience for you and your team. We hope this will inspire you to have a Virtual Escape Room Singapore experience.

1. Virtual Party Mania

If you love the joy of parties, this team-building game is the one for you and your team members.

In Party Mania, you'll have a range of traditional party games that are enjoyable for every age. What adds to the appeal of this activity is that the winner will get a gift in their mail. With Party Mania, you'll have a whole lot of fun. One of the most popular virtual team games in Singapore is Party Mania.

2. Time's Ticking

The Fun Empire has created the Escape Room theme "Time's Ticking", this multi- player escape room is amazing for those teams looking for a challenging but fun time.

In this escape room, your team has to stop a group of terrorists from detonating an explosive bomb before it's too late. Work with your team to crack the vaults in our virtual team-building game! This escape room online was created by in-house game experts to increase the chemistry and bond between you and your teams!

3. Virtual Food Quest

The Virtual Food Quest is a unique team-building activity that will leave you hungry.

In this game, you'll explore other cultures' cuisines while traveling around the world for a culinary rollercoaster. Along the game, there will be interactive quizzes and riddles for you to solve. You must collect as many secret ingredients as you can before determining which final dish they belong to.

4. Virtual Nightfall

Virtual Nightfall is an engaging virtual team-building game based on the popular Werewolf game. This game gives players roles such as civilian or werewolf, requiring them to use their acting and intuition skills. The main task is to discover the werewolves amongst a group of individuals, killing someone secretly during the game at night. With our facilitators' help, this will be a highly engaging online team building game for you and your teammates.

5. Virtual Escape Room

Our Virtual Escape Rooms are one of the most talked about virtual team-building games available. In The Virtual Escape Room, players must solve puzzles and tasks as part of a team. For added fun, the entire team may be split into several smaller teams for some competition; this will make it more pleasurable for everyone involved. If your team has difficulties or needs assistance on the spot, there will be our passionate facilitators on hand. This is a great way to strengthen your remote team virtually!

6. Virtual Travel Experience - Icons of Singapore

The Virtual Travel Experience Game, developed by The Fun Empire, is one of the most locally influenced team-building games available. This game not only requires you to learn more about the different well-known places in Singapore, but it also exposes you to different game styles such as Escape Rooms, Scavenger Hunting, and much more. For someone who is unfamiliar with Singapore, this is one of the best online games for team members to learn more about the country!

Virtual Games

We've reached the end of this article; we hope that the information here will benefit and help you in finding some appropriate virtual team-building activities for your team.

If you are interested in some virtual team-building games like a Virtual Escape Room, do get into contact with us. We would love to give you the best Virtual Escape Room Singapore experience!

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