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10 Great Party Games For Birthdays

Party Games Singapore

Party Games Singapore
Best Party Games Singapore

Birthdays are a time for celebration and fun. Party games can be a great way to have even more fun while celebrating someone’s special day! Birthday party games can also provide entertainment for people who might not know many other guests at the party, or simply want to take a break from mingling with strangers. The list below includes 10 of our favourite and fun party games for adults and kids alike that we recommend playing on birthdays (in no particular order):

Before you delve into this further, do check out these awesome activities by The Fun Empire.

1) Virtual Escape Room

party games - virtual escape room
The Fun Empire

For families who don’t have much time to plan for their kids birthday, The Fun Empire has a virtual escape room that make the day even more memorable!

The Virtual Escape Room allows your child to work together with their friends in order to overcome challenges and puzzles. They can unlock secrets and complete the storyline by working together with an unlimited number of people over the age of seven. The game is suitable for an unlimited number of participants, making it a great way to spend time with as many friends as they want!

This is a digital experience accessible anywhere as long as you have access to wifi and an internet connection, which makes it perfect for a large group of guests!

2) Virtual Party Mania

party game - virtual party mania
The Fun Empire

Virtual Party Mania – Experience a great laugh this birthday! Through the session, your kid will get to play a series of hilarious party games with their friends via video conferencing! One lucky winner will be picked at the end of the session and receive prizes delivered straight to their doorstep! Add this party games idea to your list for your next birthday party for kids.

3) Virtual Terrarium Workshop

party games - virtual terrarium workshop
The Fun Empire

Looking for something relaxing yet fun to do with the whole family on your kid’s birthday? The Fun Empire has a Virtual Terrarium Workshop that kids will love! This is also a great birthday party game for adults!

The workshop is guided by professional facilitators and allows your child to express their creativity in an enjoyable way. The best part? Terrarium home kits will be delivered to your doorstep before the event day, meaning that your child can do this from the comfort of your home! They can even participate with their friends over video conferencing platforms if they want!

This is an activity that everyone will enjoy, so don’t forget to add it to your list of birthday party games for kids as well.

4) Virtual Art Jamming

Party Games - Virtual Art Jamming
The Fun Empire

The Fun Empire’s Virtual Art Jamming Workshop is a great way for you or your kids to experiment with the world of art. You will be guided by our professional facilitators and have the chance to express your creativity all while in-sync over video conferencing platforms! Give this activity a shot at your next birthday celebration! This is one of the best and most unique birthday activities to consider.

5) Bubble Soccer

party games - bubble soccer
The Fun Empire

Kids are never shy with their energy level – and parties. Especially at a kids birthday party Singapore, they can go crazy while having the most fun. Meet bubble soccer! This adaptable game is perfect for your next birthday party or any other event that needs an adrenaline-pumping kids birthday game on the list!

This game is full of fun and can accommodate various age groups. Kids love it as they prance around in their inflated bubble from the knees up, bumping everyone else who crosses their path! Older kids will also enjoy this game because it brings out a sweeter side to who they are.

Consider bubble soccer for your kids party activities to make it more interactive.

6) Laser Tag

party games - laser tag
The Fun Empire

If your child loves pretending they’re James Bond, this is the activity for their next birthday! Originally discounted as a Singapore-only theme party from The Fun Empire, kids now get to hold an interactive laser gun and embark on thrilling missions with friends. We all know how much kids love acting like they’re in a movie scene so adding this to their birthday party will be a hit!

Laser Tag is the perfect game for children or adults who are looking for an adrenaline-pumping activity. It allows them to move around in real life and pretend they’re on some other planet, all while blasting off laser guns at opponents. The best part? This game idea can accommodate a larger crowd, making it perfect for parties!

7) Combat Archery Tag

party games - combat archery tag
The Fun Empire

Combat archery tag is a simple and fun game that kids will quickly learn, but it can also double as the perfect gift for your child’s birthday celebration. Our Combat Archery Tag is one of the best kids indoor party games that offer sci-fi decorations to set up a unique atmosphere for you and your guests – perfect for when you want to feel like an explorer while celebrating your child’s birthday party.

Combat archery tag provides an adrenaline rush for your guests as they run around trying to capture each other with bows and arrows! It is the perfect kids party game to add into their birthday celebration or event since it can accommodate larger groups, but still offers a ton of fun without being too loud.

8) Ninja Tag

party games - ninja tag
The Fun Empire

Get ready to see your kids swing their best moves! This ninja birthday party package is perfect for those tricky children who love combat, fighting and some kungfu. Staying true to its roots, this game doesn’t include any grisly components for some safe fun. The Ninja Tag is listed as one of the most fun and funny party games for kids and adults alike.

9) Saber Tag

party games - saber tag
The Fun Empire

Perfect for kids or adults who are fans of the Force! Our neon-themed party will keep you on your toes with a round of Saber Tag. You will come fully equipped with clothing and gear to participate in mock battles and relive the excitement of Star Wars. Book this activity today for an unforgettable experience you won’t have to worry about a bit!

10) Hybrid Amazing Race

party games - hybrid amazing race
The Fun Empire

Join us for Singapore’s first ever mix of an offline and online Amazing Race! Participants will learn about the heritage of Singapore while working through both physical challenges at different landmarks as well as quizzes online.

Get ready to embark on this fun adventure with your friends or colleagues by solving these puzzles! This is one of the best birthday party game ideas for both kids and adults who love to travel.

Party Games

Party games are a great way to get your guests involved in the festivities and create memories that will last long after the event is over. Party games for adults and kids should be fun, exciting and engaging for everyone attending so make sure you choose one of these Party Games For Birthdays!

If you have any questions about which party game would work best for your needs or want help finding an activity that accommodates larger groups without being too loud, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We offer a variety of services designed with kids birthday parties in mind including Combat Archery Tag, Laser Tag and Ninja Tag. Our team is ready at anytime day or night to help plan out this unique celebration from start to finish just how you envision it!

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