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Virtual Escape Room Experience: Curse Of The Werewolf

Escape Room

Escape Room
Escape Room

The Fun Empire is proud to be the first stop for your Virtual Escape Room Australia Experience! We’ve converted our popular real-life virtual reality escape room experience online, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in a completely immersive virtual world with an intriguing narrative and perplexing mysterious riddles through virtual team building or bonding events.

Our gaming specialists have built a fantastic Virtual Escape Room Australia that is especially designed for Virtual Team Building Australia by our team. Enliven your remote workers, boost morale, and strengthen team bonding via this escape hunt!

The Virtual Escape Room Australia experience from the Fun Empire is ideal for friends, family, and coworkers since it is both entertaining and demanding.

Curse Of The Werewolf

The Fun Empire’s The Curse of the Werewolf is a virtual escape room game. If you’re looking for dark, speculative tales escape games, The Curse of the WereWolf is a great virtual escape room game.

On a tiny forgotten town, you play the part of a descendent of the village elders, who must break the hex. Several werewolves lurk in the shadows at nightfall hunting individuals in this hamlet, taking several lives and leaving locals terrified and sorrowful. They’ve never known quiet. You have only 90 minutes to complete your mission!

The village leader’s descendants have been cursed. Can you solve the mystery behind the village chief’s office and break the spell during this online escape room?

Time’s Ticking

The Fun Empire’s ‘Time’s Ticking,’ the newest virtual escape room, opened on April 9th. This Escape Room is perfect for individuals looking for an exciting and entertaining adventure. You may become the hero in this escape game if you awaken your inner Sherlock Holmes.

The cops have just received a call from someone who warns of an impending explosion throughout the city. You and your teammates will be the detectives charged with stopping a terrorist bomb from exploding in the metropolis. To defuse the bomb, you must collaborate to do it within a particular time limit.

Jack’s Hangover

Have you seen The Hangover? In this virtual escape room, you may channel your inner Sherlock Holmes. You’ll assist Jack in remembering what occurred the night before in Jack’s Hangover.

Jack woke up in a hotel room with a bad headache, and he has no memory of what occurred the night before. In order to assist Jack recall what happened, you’ll have to travel all over town, including the casino and the hotel room. It’s also important to keep in mind that there is a time limit because Jack has an appointment!

Virtual Room Singapore

You may now play Virtual Escape Room Australia experiences from the comfort of your own home. These escape game online are designed to provide players with a unique gaming experience while also testing their brains with riddles and puzzles. These Virtual Escape Room Australia are ideal for individuals who want to get some peace and quiet or remote workers on long commutes. So contact us for more information on how we can host one for you soon!

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