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Birthday Party Singapore

Birthday Party Singapore
Best Birthday Party Singapore

Planning a Birthday Party Singapore is not an easy task. There are many different things to consider and prepare for, so the first step is knowing what you want from your event. Do you want it to be formal or casual? Where will it take place? Who should be invited? Once you know what type of Birthday party Singapore you want, the planning process can begin!

To help you plan a memorable birthday party, we’ve prepared 9 guidelines for your birthday package to follow below. Our aim is to equip you with the tools and knowledge necessary to alleviate any worries about your upcoming birthday plan!

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Step 1: Choose the date and time

birthday party - choose time and date
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One of the first considerations for hosting a birthday party plan is establishing the date and time. We recommend avoiding running your party during weekdays as most people are busy – especially on Mondays through Fridays. Hosting the event on weekends or public holidays would allow more flexibility with others’ schedules, because these days often offer fewer obligations for many groups of people.

Another tip is to select a date that’s far enough in advance so people will be able to mark their calendars. It also allows you the option of selecting an appropriate time for your event and considering the amount of time it’ll take especially if you’ve booked a kids party venue.

Step 2: Settle on a budget

birthday party - settle on a budget
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The next thing you need to consider when planning a party package is your budget. Planning your budget will help you decide the expenses, such as food and entertainment, that will be involved in the party. In order to develop an accurate budget, start with an Excel spreadsheet template and then break down how much each cost should be based on categories like food, drinks, venue and entertainment.

There are many different ways to have a great birthday party, but it is important that you make sure you have all of your costs planned out beforehand. Otherwise unanticipated costs can interfere with the day and end up ruining your plans for the best possible celebration.

Step 3: Create a guest-list

birthday party - Create a guest-list
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Carefully assemble a guest list to ensure that no one is forgotten and all invitations have been sent. The guest count impacts more than just your budget: you might need to rent an additional venue, or make the food offerings bigger, when it grows beyond a certain number.

In other words, don’t invite everyone. Keep in mind the budget and only invite people who are happy to celebrate your birthday instead of asking everyone you know just as a formality. Consider using an RSVP list so you can keep track of those attending and any food restrictions they might have.

Step 4: Choose a venue

birthday party - choose a venue
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After selecting who you should invite, it’s time to decide where your party will take place! The venue is an important aspect in planning birthday parties for your kids because it sets the tone for your event. Birthday party venues come in many different types of settings; formal, casual, outdoor and indoor.

Formal Birthday Parties are typically held at a banquet hall or hotel ballroom with heavy catering options like sit-down dinner services. It’s important to note that these events can be pricey! Casual Birthday Parties are hosted at a restaurant or café. This type of Birthday Party can be more affordable and is usually served with lighter fare like sandwiches, salads, and desserts.

Outdoor Birthday Parties provide a fresh air setting that allows you to explore beautiful landscaping while eating delicious food from vendors on-site! While Indoor Birthday Parties take place at a private home or restaurant, these kids birthday party packages are more intimate and allow for smaller groups of people to have fun.

Here, we have a list of possible birthday venues or event space rentals you may consider. You may even consider a timezone party package as well!

Step 5: Choose a birthday package (optional)

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Planning the perfect birthday party can be complicated and time-consuming. Luckily, there are several options that can make event planning easier. An experienced birthday planner or events coordinator can take on all aspects of the party from start to finish, at one set price. This is a great choice to opt for when deciding on birthday party packages singapore.

Step 6: Pick a party theme

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Who says having a party theme is childish and a waste of time? We think it can really improve the overall experience. If you’re throwing your own birthday party, then you’ll have the freedom to plan whatever theme that you want. However, if you’re planning someone else’s party, you should consult with them first before deciding whether or not they’ll like your idea. This is because while themed birthday parties are a lot of fun, they can significantly increase the total cost when you factor things like food, decorations, and invitations.

For a child’s birthday, themes can be based on their favourite TV show or movie. Appropriate themes for adults include color-themed parties such as black and white, peach, etc.

Step 7: Send out invitations & gather decorations for the party

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Now is the time to start sending out invitations to your guests once the earlier details have been confirmed. Sending out invitations can help inform your guests about the details of your party. You should send invites at least one month in advance and provide RSVP information on the invitation card. If you have a theme for the party, it is highly advisable to personalize and decorate the invitation cards around that theme as well.

When planning a party, involve confirmed guests in the process by asking for help with arranging, cooking, decorating and more. Using existing decorations or borrowing from friends while shopping is a good way to save money as well.

Step 8: Plan the Food & Beverages

birthday party - party food and beverages/drinks
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To complete your package for a birthday party in Singapore, you’ll have to decide on the best food type for everyone. Remember to find out if there are restrictions or preferences from your guests.

Keep in mind that the length of the party influences the amount of food you’ll need to order. For an hour-long gathering, you’ll generally only need drink refreshments. For a longer and larger party, on the other hand, you have the option of preparing the food yourself or hiring a caterer. If you order from a caterer, you will have a greater selection of menus to pick from, but you will need to reconsider your budget.

Another suggestion is to make your birthday party food options a buffet type! This ensures that everyone can eat whenever they want, increasing convenience!

Step 9: D-DAY

birthday party - d-day
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It’s the day of the party! Prepare in advance to ensure it will be a success.  Begin by setting up decorations and food (if necessary). Next, make sure you have enough time to set up before people arrive. Remember not to be stressed if it is taking longer than expected as this often happens. Finally, let’s not forget to clean up! Regardless of how much help you receive from guests at the party, be sure to thank everyone when it’s all over.

Birthday Party

Birthday parties are a great way to celebrate with friends and family. Planning the best Birthday Party Singapore can be tricky, but thanks to this article you now have all of the information necessary to make it happen! You’ve got options for both adults and children, as well as an array of party themes that will suit any type of guest. Remember that when planning your birthday bash, consider what type of food everyone prefers so they don’t get disappointed on their special day.

If you need help choosing which Birthday Package is right for you or want personalized advice from our experts, contact us today! We’re happy to answer any questions about Birthday Parties in Singapore that we didn’t cover here.

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