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Best Birthday Party Singapore Venue: Hyperspace

Birthday Party Venue

Birthday Party Venue
Best Birthday Party Venue

Planning a birthday party in Singapore can be challenging given the limited amount of space to host events. It is, therefore, difficult to find a birthday party venue that meets all your needs such as convenience, unique design, and delicious food. Not to worry, in this article, we are going to recommend you one of the best birthday party venues in Singapore – The Hyperspace.

Overview of Hyperspace

birthday party venue - birthday party Singapore

Hyperspace is one of the birthday party places that can be easily adapted to meet the requirements of your birthday party Singapore. With a variety of areas, including scenic spots for photoshoots and fun games rooms, we are able to provide for a large number of guests over the course of your special day.

Well-equipped with a full range of amenities, birthday parties at Hyperspace come with extra services such as catering and photo booths. Strategically located within walking distance of Lavender and Bendemeer MRT Stations, HyperSpace is also surrounded by cafes, eateries, and even a shopping mall.

Hyperspace is one of the best birthday venues in Singapore!

Why HyperSpace is The Best Birthday Party Venue

birthday party venue - birthday party Singapore

Flexible Event Space

Hyperspace is a flexible space that can be used for birthdays. It has 2 unique event spaces, both with themes!

Fully Equipped

With well-stocked amenities, you can find everything from board games to karaoke systems at Hyperspace.

Up to 150 Pax

For ten to 150 people, HyperSpace can be configured depending on the event’s need.


Hyperspace has won numerous awards, including the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia Award, Spirit of Enterprise Awards, and Brands For Good Champions.

Highly Recommended

Hyperspace has a 98% recommendation rate and over 1200 5-Star reviews on Google.

Affordable Rates

Party-goers around our area rely on Hyperspace as the most affordable event space. With one of our affordable rates starting at just $50/hour, this is an easy choice for your next birthday party! Hence, Hyperspace is one of the cheap birthday party venues in Singapore.

One-Stop Solution

Hyperspace also assists with other aspects of an event, such as catering and gift-giving.

Hyperspace Event Venue

birthday party venue - birthday party Singapore

This is the floor plan for Hyperspace.

Some of the most prominent facilities include:


birthday party venue - birthday party Singapore

Our Hyperspace main atrium is 13 meters long and 10 meters wide and can accommodate around 130 guests. Tables and chairs can be arranged in different layouts to best suit the type of event being hosted – whether it’s a birthday party or a corporate event. This is one of the best birthday places in Singapore.

Games Room

birthday party venue - birthday party Singapore

A great way to bring everyone together? Games! Here at The Bloom Rooms, we offer a games room for those looking for an entertaining space. Try our karaoke system, board games, or Nintendo switch and projector screen. Equipped with cozy beanbags and cozy furniture as well as plenty of seating, the games room can easily accommodate up to 30 pax. This is a good birthday celebration venue.

Birthday Party Add-ons

birthday party venue - birthday party Singapore
birthday party venue - birthday party Singapore
When you want to make your birthday party truly memorable, look no further than Hyperspace. With our on-site add-on services, we are committed to ensuring that your event is a success! Hyperspace is one of the cheap birthday party venues.

Games & Activities
The world’s coolest and most fun games and activities await you at the Chicago Emporium! Creative workshops, laser tag, combat archery tag–you name it. Your guests will be entertained for hours with these one-of-a-kind experiences.

Buffet Catering
Bringing sandwiches out of a pack for lunch or having canned tomatoes with a spooned casserole on the side – these recipes are not exactly inspiring for everyone. With catering, you’re at least serving food that’s prepared freshly and considered cooking as an art form in many cultures.

Dessert Table
We offer 2 dessert table packages for your celebration. No matter which package you opt for, our beautifully styled desserts will set the perfect mood for your party.

Photo Booth
A Photo Booth is an option that will not only make your event memorable for everyone who attends but also keep attendees entertained by giving them the chance to take home a tangible memory from your birthday party.

Roving Photographer
Hiring a professional photographer to roam around your birthday party will ensure that you’ll have high-quality photos of the whole event. Now you can just focus on mingling and creating beautiful memories with your guests!

Balloon Sculpting
Every birthday party needs balloons! Balloons signify celebration and help set the mood for your party. What’s more, they also provide a beautiful backdrop for your photos at your party!

Birthday Party Venue

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