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7 Creative Birthday Party Ideas To Celebrate Your December Baby’s Birthday

Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday Party Ideas
Best Birthday Party Ideas

For most people, December is the most chaotic month of the year. As if the holiday madness wasn’t enough, things get even more hectic if you have a December baby in the family; it isn’t always easy to find creative birthday party ideas to celebrate your December baby’s birthday, given all the other parties and gatherings typically going on around the same time. It would be very easy for a child to feel like their day was being overshadowed by the excitement of the holidays, and no one wants that.

Additionally, some parents also worry about how to differentiate between gifts for the holidays and gifts for your December baby’s birthday; they don’t want their kids to feel like their birthday was just a holiday afterthought.

Thankfully, there are ways to ensure that a December baby has a blast on their special day while also making sure the whole family gets into the Christmas spirit. Whether it’s mixing red and green décor or taking the opportunity to celebrate with a special vacation, there’s no reason a December birthday can’t be just as awesome as one in any other month of the year.

Without further to do, here are 7 unique ways to celebrate your December baby’s birthday.

Birthday Party Ideas

1) Build The Excitement

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Every year when December rolls around the corner, people start counting down the number of days until Christmas; would it not be fun to build the same anticipation for your child’s birthday?

Count down the days with a  special calendar so your kid knows their day will be met with the same hype.

2) Ban Christmas Wrapping Paper

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Having Christmas wrapping paper on a birthday present is never appropriate.

Sure, you probably have tons of extra rolls lying around in your house, but using a birthday gift design for your child’s gift is a visual sign that this is a special, separate day.

3) Turn Your Christmas Tree Into A Birthday Tree

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If your kid’s birthday falls in the days just after Christmas, you don’t necessarily need to destroy all evidence of your Christmas celebration before you get into the birthday mode.

Simply replace the ornaments on your tree with balloons and your angel or star topper with a party hat; voila, you’ve got yourself a birthday tree!

4) Embrace The Season

Since we live in Singapore, your baby’s December birthday may come in rainy weather. Don’t let this stop you from keeping your celebration outdoors/

You could still book a party events space to host your child’s birthday party, and maybe even liaise with an events coordinator to come up with entertaining activities for your kid’s party!

A good example would be throwing a Laser Tag birthday party from The Fun Empire! They provide equipment and send very helpful, creative, and experienced facilitators to facilitate the activities! All you need to do is state your budget and expectations, then leave it to the trusty staff to recommend some unique birthday party ideas!

5) Celebrate With A Theme

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 Your kid’s birthday party does not have to be a holiday party in disguise; picking out a fun theme will set a different tone for the birthday party!

You can perhaps go black and white for a The Nightmare Before Christmas birthday party theme, or dress in crazy outfits for an Alice in Wonderland birthday party theme.

6) Take Advantage Of Holiday Vacations

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Given that it’s December, it only means that your kids will be having the school holidays right now.

With that in mind, why not take your birthday celebration on the road? A special weekend getaway or even an overseas trip would be the perfect way to party!

Do bear in mind that this may be ideal for an only child though, unless you plan on giving all your kids equal treatment.

7) Consider Celebrating A Half Birthday

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Even after all the effort you’ve put into making sure your little one knows their birthday is special, a holiday birthday may still have some challenges.

You may get fewer RSVPs than you’d like because people are traveling, or they may also be busy settling all their Holiday plans.

For this, you may want to consider a special half birthday celebration; throwing a party in the early half of the day so that more of your family and friends are able to attend.

However, you decide to celebrate, know that your December baby will be pumped and excited for the cake and presents, no matter the time of the year.