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10 Creative Birthday Party Games for Adults

Fun Adult Birthday Party Games

Fun Adult Birthday Party Games
Fun Adult Birthday Party Games

Birthday party games are a life saviour to boring parties. We know the feeling of standing alone in a corner and using your phone, pretending to text someone to make yourself look busy! This is where our list of fun party games will come to help you spice up the party and ease the communication process between guests!

See there’s always a slight problem when playing birthday party games, the problem arises when you can’t think of any fun games that are age-appropriate; because most of the games are usually too kiddy and boring. Thus, continue reading on as we put together 10 unique birthday party games for adults that will make great icebreakers for everyone at the party!

Best Birthday Party Games For Adults

1. Never Have I Ever

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We’ll start off with the most classic and common one; Never Have I Ever. The game is often played at parties to help guests know more about each other’s secrets and background. Every player basically starts off with 10 fingers that represent the number of “lives” they have.  Each time a person says that they’ve never done something, and the player has already done it; the player will have to put down a finger

For example, if someone shouts “never have I ever done skydiving.” Any other players who’ve done skydiving before will lose a life. There is also a drinking variation to this game whereby instead of losing a life, players will have to drink.

2. Who Am I?

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This is a guessing game requiring players to act and impersonate a famous person on the slip of paper that they’ve drawn. As the host, all you need to do is cut small slips of paper with the names of each famous person on them. Next, place all of the names into a bowl and then split the guests into teams. One by one, get players from each team to draw a name from the bowl.

The player will then have to impersonate the person whom he/she has drawn from the bowl, and his/her teammates would have to try to decipher and guess who the person is. The catch here is that there is a limit to the number of times that each team has to guess. The team who guesses the most names correctly; wins!

3. Great Minds Think Alike

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This is a game where you would want to choose what you think everyone else on your team will choose; the more the number of people who get the same word, the more the number of points that the team will get. All the host needs to do is to divide guests into teams and provide a pen and paper. The host will then have to call out each category one by one, and each player will have to write down the first 3 categories that come to their mind in each category. No peeking is allowed! After every category has been read, the host would have to count the number of people on each team who wrote the same words. Points are then awarded based on how many people have similar words.

For Example: 3 points for every word that 3 people have in common.

                        4 points for every word that 4 people have in common.

                        5 points for every word that 5 people have in common.

4. Truth Or Dare

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This is a simple game that the majority would know how to play; hence, it’s easy to dive into and your guests would get to decide how tame or wild the game will be. If a player chooses “truth”, everyone else in the room would get to ask him/her a question; and that player would have to answer that question truthfully. If a player chooses “dare”, then everyone else would get to ask him/her to do something; and that player would have to do as told if not there would be a penalty.

5. Murder Mystery

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Murder Mystery Games aren’t just for Halloween; they can be played at any time of the year. A single Murder Mystery Game is all you need to have a whole evening of thrills, fun, and anticipation with your friends. As the host, you get to write how the game would be like. You would have to think of where the murder would take place; which era, who is the victim, who is the murderer, who is the detective, who are the characters,  and what are their motives.

Once that is done, the host would then send out invitations to confirmed guests with their characters and description attached to them. The guests would then show up to the party in costumes relating to their characters. Throughout the night, “objective”  cards would be handed out to players. These cards are not to be shown to other players and would help in ensuring that the story progresses; such as helping others draw suspicions on other players, etc.

Each player should have at least 3 objective cards on hand at any given time.

It can be as simple as “spread a gossip about Mr. Smith”, “express open dislike about the victim”, or “you’ve noticed Ms Doe and Jackson spending a lot of time whispering to each other ever since the announcement of the murder”. By the end of the night, guests would have to vote on who the murderer was as well as vote for the best dresses, best accent, best acting, etc. They do not have to be right; so long as everyone has fun, then the party was a success!

6. Spoons

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This is a card game with no Jokers; named for the utensil that every player is trying to grab, yet the word that every player is trying not to spell. Players will take turns to try to collect four-of-a-kind and once someone does, everyone would try to grab a spoon. If you are the player without a spoon, then you get assigned a letter. The last player to spell out “spoons” wins.

7. Two Truths One Lie

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This can be a great game for all ages, and it makes for a fun icebreaker for a group of guests that may not know each other very well. As stated in the name, each player would have to say two truths and one lie about themselves. It could be about achievements, sports, childhood, family, etc.

The other players would then have to guess which is the lie. If the other players manage to guess the lie, that individual player would have to drink. However, if the guess was wrong then everyone else would have to drink except for that individual player.

8. Sticker Stalker

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Simple and fun, this game would surely add some thrill factor to your party. At the beginning of the party, each guest will be given a sheet or two of fun coloured stickers; the smaller the better for purposes of this game. Each guest would need unique stickers so that they can be traced back to that guest.

The goal is to place as many stickers on as many other guests as possible, but without that guest knowing they’ve been “stickered”. If anyone gets caught placing a sticker, the sticker is to be returned and the “stick-ee” gets to place a sticker on the “stick-er”. By the end of the party, the one who has managed to place most of their stickers wins a prize.

9. Press Conference

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Here’s a unique birthday party game for adults that can be fun with any size of party guests. One guest is to be sent out of the room. Those who are left will then have to decide who the absent guest will be when he/she returns. This needs to be a person famous enough that all the guests know a little something about; it could even be a mutual friend of everyone at the party.

After the name is chosen, invite the player back into the room and hold a “press conference”. The other guests will then ask him/her questions that would be appropriate to the person he/she is supposed to be. Guests should try to be creative and use their questions to point the player in the correct way to figure out their character.

10. Bite The Bag

Image retrieved from The Chuggernauts

This is a simple drinking game that is even more fun and hilarious to watch. It requires guests to try to pick up paper bags with only their mouths. The game first starts off by placing a brown paper bag on the floor. Players will then take turns to try to reach down and attempt to pick up the bag with their mouths.

However, the catch here is that; the only thing allowed to touch the ground is your feet and the only thing allowed to touch the paper bag in your mouth. Whenever anyone fails, they must chug down a beer or take a shot. To spice things up, you can make the bag smaller after every round; by cutting off an inch from the top and then playing again.

This means that the game will get more ludicrous as the night goes on.

Fun Adult Birthday Party Games

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