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12 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for Her
Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

Birthdays are celebrated so as to make the birthday girl feel special and appreciated. What more if the birthday girl is your loved one? You would want to make her feel like a princess on her special day and let her know that she’s loved; this is usually done by showering her with birthday gift and spending quality time with her.

However, the one issue that many face is this; what kind of presents would she like?

You want the gift to be special and different from the rest, yet not too different till she doesn’t know how to appreciate it.

Fret not, because we have compiled a list for the top 12 unique birthday gift ideas for her!

1) DIY Perfume

birthday gift - diy perfume
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Fragrance is an intimate and personal thing; so is the act of giving someone a perfume as a birthday gift. While most girls would probably have lots of unfinished perfume at home, a DIY perfume made by you and given to her would mean the world. This is because it is a scent specially picked and made by you for her, thus she would appreciate it even more since you took the time and effort to specially make it.

If you do not know how to make perfume and need assistance in creating a personalized scent for your girl, then sign up for The Fun Empire’s Perfume Workshop!

2) DIY Terrarium

birthday gift - terrariu,
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If your girl is a nature-lover, then a terrarium would be the perfect gift for her! Terrariums are miniature gardens that require minimal care and can be customized according to your girl’s liking and preference through; figurines, the colour of sand and pebbles, choice of plants, and type of terrarium. It would be a pretty addition to anyone’s room!

If you need professional guidance on how to create a terrarium, the facilitators at The Fun Empire’s Terrarium Workshop would be more than willing to offer you their expertise!

3) DIY Gel Candle

birthday gift - diy gel candle
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Since gel candles are now the latest trend to hit the market, it would be an ideal birthday gift for your girl considering that gel candles have their stand out qualities. Compared to normal paraffin candles, gel candles have a longer burning time and are largely made from mineral oil; making it the perfect gift for your girl as it is a greener alternative and will also make her room smell good!

Learn how to make a customized gel candle from The Fun Empire’s Gel Candle Making Workshop!

4) DIY Leather Making

birthday gift - diy leather making
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Who says a birthday gift needs to be tangible? If your girl loves hands-on activities, bringing her out to this Leather Making Workshop would be a perfect way to celebrate her birthday! Enjoy a fully guided experience led by The Fun Empire’s friendly instructors as you learn basic leather crafting skills. You may wish to create the leather coin pouch, cardholder or key fob for your girl as a birthday gift. However, what’s special is to be able to spend time with her and craft the leather together. I’m pretty sure your girl will enjoy the workshop that you prepare for her!

Click here for more information on the Fun Empire’s Leather Making Workshop.

5) Self-Cooked Food

birthday gift - self-cooked food
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We all know that good food can make a person happy and satisfied; what more if it’s the food that’s cooked by your loved one? For decades, it has been a common misconception that cooking is for girls and that girls should cook for their man instead. But what if you go against the norms and cook for her instead?

Show her you are different from other guys by cooking for your girl on her special day! She will appreciate it since you took the time and effort to learn how to cook the recipe and it is by you.

If you have no experience in cooking and need some expert guidance, then check out the cooking classes offered at The Fun Empire! Choose from sushi to salads, bento, ice cream, soup, and dim sum!

6) Bath Bombs

birthday gift - bath bomb
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Bath Bombs have been a big hit in the market for a few years already. This is due to their pretty colors and aromatic scents coupled with the amazing benefits that it provides for the skin.

Pamper your girl by giving her bath bombs; she’ll be in for a soothing indulgent, and decadent experience; soaking away the cares of the day.

7) Necklaces

birthday gift - necklace
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Getting your girl a necklace would be a great way to show her that she is cherished and loved; that she deserves something beautiful to wear each day.

Necklaces are easy, simple gifts that will impress any birthday girl and make her feel important! We recommend getting one with her birthstone, or initials to make the gift more special.

8) Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle

birthday gift - personalised jigsaw puzzle
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Not only have puzzles become a trendy activity, but so have the options of puzzles to buy. Calming and therapeutic, the puzzle can include your favourite hangouts, sweet memorable spots, and even a photo of both your girl and you!

It would be so sweet to be able to piece the puzzles together with your girl. Afterwards, she can proudly frame and display the masterpiece in her home.

Definitely a wonderful gift and centerpiece for your girl to celebrate her birthday and commemorate the times both of you spent together.

9) Sunflower Garden Grow Kit

birthday gift - sunflower garden grow kit
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If your girl is a nature-lover and has a green thumb, the Sunflower Garden Grow Kit would be a great birthday gift for her!

Plant a little sunshine with this sunflower grow kit which includes seeds for 6 different varieties of the bloom, along with a recycled egg carton to start them off in. Not only does this sunflower grow kit provide health benefits, it can actually make your girl feel energised and happy.

10) Workout Bag

birthday gift - workout bag
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Whether a dancer, cross-fitter, or anything in between, your girl will need a cool gym bag to carry everything required for a good workout. This funky, floral number can be used as a yoga bag, dance bag, or gym bag, and it’s large enough to fit plenty of athletic gear in one place. It also works well as a nice overnight bag or carry-on.

This birthday gift would be perfect for your girl if she loves working out; even if she doesn’t, it might encourage her to work out or she could use it as a travel bag. Practical and convenient to use!

11) Macrame Photo Display

birthday gift - photo display
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Forget about the traditional picture frame. Create a wall art that is far more memorable. With this simple, eco-friendly macrame wall decor, you can turn your most cherished relationship into home decor.

It’s a casual and artistic way to show off your favourite photos, pictures, postcards, memos, or artwork with your girl. She will definitely feel great since you made the effort and time to decorate the photo display with your creativity and love.

12) Serenade Her

birthday gift idea - serenade
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Birthday gifts do not need to have a price on them; it can be as simple as singing her a song. This is because it’s the thought and significance of the gift that counts. By singing your girl her favorite song or perhaps a song that she can identify with, it will make your lady feel really special and appreciated!

All in all, birthdays should be a statement; a party that says to the world “it’s my day”, with all eyes and focus on your girl. Therefore, choosing the right gift for her would complete the whole birthday experience and make her the happiest girl in the world on her special day!

If you wish to throw her a birthday party but you’re unsure of how to plan it, allow our team at The Fun Empire to help you! Visit for more information.