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6 Things Kids Really Want At Their Birthday Parties

Top Things Kids Really Want

Top Things Kids Really Want
Top Things Kids Really Want

Planning a birthday party can be daunting, especially when it is for your child because we are all so caught up in throwing the best party for our little ones.

While your child may say they want a huge birthday bash, it turns out; bigger isn’t always better when it comes to your child’s birthday party. All our kids really want, is to feel special and loved by us.

A birthday party is an opportunity for you to enter your child’s world; keeping the party small and simple allows for more meaningful conversations and better quality time, making a bigger impression on your child in the long run.

With that being said, here are 6 things that kids really want at their birthday parties.

1) Competition-Free

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While it is undeniably easy for birthday parties to start becoming competitive, where parents are trying to one-up each other from venue, to status, to goodie bags; it is always important to keep reminding yourself what the real value of the birthday party is.

Birthday parties are about celebrating your child and connecting with loved ones; you want to establish these values to ensure that your child does not get caught up in all the external pressure to compete with their peers.

If birthday parties are just about competing with other parents, then the party is not about your child, but about other people.

2) Involve Your Child In Party Planning

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The best way to ensure that the birthday party is what your child wants is to involve them in the party planning process. A simple way of letting them take the lead is to let them choose the party theme and who they want to invite to their party. This will also lessen the load and make party planning easier for you.

3) Crowd Control

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Some kids may feel overwhelmed by a big crowd, thus having a birthday party with lots of guests trying to shower him/her with gifts and birthday wishes may not be ideal.

Instead, one can consider planning two events; one where it’s just having family members over for cake, and the other where it’s a small kid’s party.

After all, a birthday celebration does not always have to be a big birthday bash filled with lots of guests.

4) Your Child’s Passions

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Incorporating what your child likes is an excellent way to make the party a memorable one. This is because you get to watch your child share something that he/she loves with their peers.

It is the process of focusing on something that is important to your child, that creates a strong connection between you and your child; it lets them know that you genuinely love and care for them, that you are willing to spend time understanding them and finding out what interests them.

5) Building Community

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Even though the main focus of the birthday party should be about your child, it can also be about socializing with other people; especially if you are new in town.

Birthday parties pose as a superb opportunity to meet new families in your town, and it also allows your child to explore and make new friends. Just make sure that your child is comfortable mingling with unfamiliar faces! If not, ask your child who he/she would like to invite instead.

6) Focus on the Love

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Ultimately, all that our kids want is to feel loved and celebrated on their very own special day.

There are many ways to show our love to them through the little things such as a nice warm hug or simply just spending the whole day with them; it does not have to be in the form of large expensive gifts or lavish parties. One can do so by tapping into a sense of nostalgia instead of going into hysteria planning the birthday party.

After all, the whole point of a birthday party is just a day where everything is about the birthday boy/girl; so as long as they are happy, then the birthday party was a success.

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