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12 Types of 21st Birthday Parties in Singapore and their Cost

21st Birthday Parties in Singapore

Best 21st Birthday Parties in Singapore
Best 21st Birthday Parties in Singapore

21st birthday parties are the most celebrated type of birthday party because of the significance it holds; the age of freedom.  Hence, you will want your 21st birthday to be an unforgettable one; celebrating your first step into adulthood surrounded by all your close friends and family.

However, there are many aspects to planning a 21st birthday party, ranging from venue, to guest list, to food caterers; deciding on these can be pretty overwhelming. Behind the glamorous Instagram photos, you see on your mobile devices, is actually a lot of time, money, and effort being put into the party.

With that being said, here is a list consisting of the types of  21st birthday parties you will find in Singapore, and the amount it will cost you.

Types of 21st Birthday Parties in Singapore

1. Star Wars Themed Birthday Party

21st birthday party - Star Wars

Yes, a Star Wars-themed birthday party does exist! For all Star Wars fans out there, it’s your lucky day! Incorporating combat sabers and proprietary electronic scoring vest technology, brace yourself for some thrilling game missions against friends while wielding glowing combat sabers. Suitable for everyone of all ages, this is a birthday party worth remembering for a long time!

Cost: Starting from $15/Pax

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2. Combat Archery

21st birthday party - Combat Archery

Flying arrows and target boards; this is a chance for guests to embrace their inner Katniss Everdeen or Robin Hood! Engaging all players, combat archery utilizes archery with special foam-tipped arrows; 100% safe and painless, and can be played both indoors or outdoors!

Think archery on steroids; combining elements of dodgeball, paintball, and archery in a fast-paced game designed to get everyone moving and adrenaline pumping!

Cost: Starting from $15/Pax

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3. Laser Tag

21st birthday party - Laser Tag

Laser beams and exciting missions; this type of birthday party takes an old-age ordinary pastime for kids and revolutionize it into an out-of-this-world experience!

Cost: Starting from $15/Pax

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4. Escape Room

21st birthday party - Escape Room
Image retrieved from Timeout

For all those who love solving mysteries or want to immerse themselves in another reality; an Escape Room birthday party would be one that keeps everyone on their toes!

With multiple changing scenarios and thought-provoking mysteries and a race against time, this party would definitely be the talk of the town!

Cost: Starting from $20/Pax

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5. Virtual Party Mania

21st birthday party - Virtual Party Mania

The Virtual Party Mania is one of the best ways to celebrate your 21st birthday party! There will be a series of fun and interactive popular party games. You and your friends are guaranteed to have a good laugh throughout the session. The games will also be an amazing ice breaker for everyone as laughter brings people together. In addition, to make things even more exciting, the winner of the games will have a prize delivered to his/her doorstep! Only a minimum of 6 pax is required to play these games.

Cost: Starting From $25/pax

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6. Virtual Nightfall

21st birthday party - virtual night fall

You will not want to miss the virtual nightfall for your 21st birthday party. Adapted from the popular game Werewolf, Virtual Nightfall is a murder mystery role-playing game that tests your acting and observation skills. You and your friends will get the opportunity to pretend different roles in another world for an hour. This is a highly immersive and engaging game where you are required to expose the murderer among your friends.

With the help of a professional facilitator, this is will be an amazing experience. You will need a minimum of 8 pax to play this game.

Cost: Starting From $25/pax

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7. Virtual Game Show

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Virtual-Game-Show-About-min-720x1168-1-631x1024.jpg

The Virtual Game Show is the perfect bonding game for your 21st birthday party, especially if you are a fan of game shows such as Wheel Of Fortune, Family Feud, The Price Is Right, and more. With the help of our facilitators, you and your friends can enjoy your very own private game show in the comfort of your own home! Participants will work together as a team to solve multiple puzzles and earn as much reward as possible. You will just need a minimum of 2 pax to play the Virtual Game Show.

Cost: Starting From $20/pax

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8. Virtual Food Quest

21st birthday party - Virtual Food Quest

Are you looking to host your 21st birthday party with a light-hearted game? The Virtual Food Quest is the way to go! You and your friends will be Ninja Chiefs who have been training since young. Participants will get to explore different cuisines from different countries through a series of mini-games, collect the necessary ingredients, and guess the ultimate ninja dish! This game is suitable for 2 pax and above. In addition, there will be trained facilitators to assist you if you need any help.

Cost: Starting From $20/pax

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9. Friends Night Out

21st birthday party - friends nights out
Image retrieved from Elite Daily

For those who do not fancy a big crowd, a friend’s night out birthday party would be an ideal option; with close friends chilling over a few drinks and reminiscing over old times. Gathering a few friends and treating them to a good meal at your favourite restaurant, followed by drinks at a bar would definitely be a relaxing, laid-back way to celebrate your 21st birthday.

Cost: Starting from $30-$40/Pax

10. Condo Function Room

Image result for condo function room
Image retrieved from Carousell

A popular option amongst many due to its low cost; especially if you are a resident at that condominium.

Most people would either have a barbeque or order catering for the party, followed by a nice backdrop for a good 21st birthday photoshoot.

If there are more than 20 guests, you are better off ordering catering for more cost reductions.

Cost: Starting from $15/Pax for catering services

11. Cafe/Bar

Image result for night out with friends
Image retrieved from Colourbox

For those who are not fond of catering, holding your 21st birthday party at a café or bar would be ideal! These types of venues can usually hold around 25 to 35 pax, with space available for you to set up your own backdrop for a mini photoshoot!

Cost: Starting from $1,000 for 30 Pax

12. Hotels

21st birthday party - Hotel
Image retrieved from Pinterest

If you want something a little fancier and have the budget for it, then renting a hotel room would be perfect! Hotel birthday parties are ideal for those who want a little bit more privacy with their family and friends while playing exciting games such as beer pong!

Cost: Starting from $1,000 per night, excluding the cost of a birthday cake, food, and decorations

All in all, birthdays are important events worth celebrating for; so what more if it’s your 21st birthday? After all, it’s not every day that you get to celebrate you! So just let loose and enjoy this very special day with no worries!

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