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10 Do’s and Don’ts of Celebrating a Birthday During Christmas

Do’s and Don’ts of Birthday Celebrations Singapore

Do's and Don'ts of Birthday Celebrations Singapore
Do’s and Don’ts of Birthday Celebrations in Singapore

It’s that time of the year again; where shops are jammed packed with people organizing their last-minute Christmas shopping, getting a car park is a complicated feat let alone the crowd that awaits you inside.

Everyone is rushing around attending Christmas corporate parties, or organizing family dinners. Minds are occupied with thoughts around who is cooking what for dinner, and the list goes on.

It is at this time that everyone forgets about that one other little date lost amongst the bright Christmas lights, the snowflake covered wrapping paper and delicious hot cocoa drinks… Happy Christmas Birthday to you, Christmas Baby!

If you have a friend or loved one who’s birthday falls on the same day as Christmas, and you wish to make them feel loved and unforgotten, then here are 10 do’s and don’ts of celebrating a birthday during Christmas!


1) Separate the Birthday from Christmas as much as possible

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This means an honest to goodness birthday cake, presents that are wrapped in birthday paper, birthday decorations, and birthday traditions.

You should avoid combining Christmas gifts with birthday gifts because it would give off the impression that you are being very insincere and can’t care less about their birthday; therefore taking the easy and cheap route of combining both presents.

2) Give an Experiential Gift Instead Of More Toy Clutter

birthday christmas dos - experiential gift

Toys are nice, but after getting that Christmas loot, they get lost in the crowd pretty easily.

You would want to get them a gift that they can remember and appreciate; something that stands out from everyone else’s.

Examples of experiential gifts are; a nice art jamming session where you can spend quality time together, or perhaps a terrarium workshop where you can walk away with your very own personalized mini garden as a gift!

3) Take Her to A Toy Store

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Your beloved may have received loads of Christmas presents, but she might like to be in control too.

Give her a gift card to the toy store with a coupon for a special date with mum or dad.

Go out with her for some hot chocolate or ice cream, and make a special trip of it.

4) Turn the Christmas Tree into a Birthday Extravaganza

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Remove all the Christmas ornaments and decorate your Christmas tree with party streamers, balloons, and bows; the kind that you place on birthday packages, not Christmas bows!

The idea is to stop having Christmas for one day and make it all about a special birthday.

5) Preserve Your Family’s Birthday Traditions

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Keep your family’s birthday traditions and do whatever you guys do, even though the big day is close to Christmas.

It will be inconvenient, but isn’t it always inconvenient? Your loved ones are more important enough for you to be inconvenienced occasionally.

6) Remind your Family and Friends to Follow Your Lead

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This means no combined birthday and Christmas presents, no Christmas wrapping paper, and only birthday-specific cards.

If presents come wrapped up in Christmas paper, get whoever that did it to unwrap and rewrap it again. It will make a difference to the birthday boy/girl, we promise.

7) Throw a summer-themed party like a picnic

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Who cares if it’s chilly? A summary theme will make the day stand out significantly from the Christmas season!

It would also be a refreshing idea to take a break off all the Christmas themed décor, and to get reminded of the warm sunny sun.

8) Make a Birthday Sign or Banner

birthday christmas dos - make birthday sign or banner
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Search online such as Pinterest, for birthday decorations; and you’ll find thousands of ideas for unique birthday banners with a variety of different designs.

You’ll surely surprise them with this gesture when they wake up in the morning and find a big birthday sign with their name on it!


9) Forget to Consult your Birthday Boy/Girl

birthday christmas donts - forget to consult
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Maybe he/she loves that her birthday is at Christmastime, and she’s looking forward to celebrating the two events together with a hot cocoa in hand while decorating gingerbread houses.

10) Make a Big Deal Out of The Time Frame

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Although you might dislike the thought of the birthday boy/girl’s presents all coming at the same time and them not being truly satisfied with just their Christmas loot, they might not see it that way and the birthday boy/girl could possibly be totally okay with their Christmas birthday.

You know what they say, the more you place emphasis on one thing, the more you start instilling the thought into others and very soon, your birthday boy or girl might start to really think that their Christmas birthday isn’t any special. So if all is good, just leave it as it is.

The bottom line is that what makes a birthday special isn’t really the shape of the cake or the wrapping on the gift. It’s a loving family who makes the birthday kid feel valued and important, and you can easily do that using this list even if you skip the party altogether.