June 25, 2021

10 Best Birthday Balloons For The Most Epic Birthday Parties

10 Best Birthday Balloons

A birthday balloon is an important element of a birthday party. Birthday balloons represent celebration and have the ability to boost our spirits. In addition, these balloons are perfect accessories for backdrops and photos.

In this article, we are going to recommend to you the 10 best birthday balloons for your birthday party.

1. Helium Balloons Bouquet - Chrome Gold, Chrome Silver, Pearl Black & Confetti Rose Gold

birthday balloon - Helium Balloons Bouquet
Image Credit: https://mistydaydream.com/product/helium-balloons-bouquet-chrome-gold-chrome-silver-pearl-black-confetti-rose-gold

Helium Balloons Bouquet is a premium birthday balloon that brightens the atmosphere of your birthday party. The balloons are inflated with helium that lasts up to 8 hours depending on the surrounding temperature. This balloon set consists of 18 Chrome Gold Balloons, 18 chrome Siver Balloons, 12 Pearl Black balloons, and 12 Confetti Rose Gold balloons. If you want the balloons to float for up to 10 hours, you may want to put them in a cold room. It is recommended that you collect the balloons or opt for delivery on the day of the birthday party.

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2. Designer Balloon with Custom Message -  24 inch Personalized Bubble Balloon stuffed

birthday balloon - Designer Balloon with Custom Message
Image Credit: https://mistydaydream.com/product/designer-balloon-custom-message-24-inch-personalized-bubble-balloon-stuffed-confetti-mini-balloons

There is nothing better than a customized birthday balloon! This highly personalized 24-inch bubble balloon is the perfect match for your birthday party. Inside the bubble balloon, there are another 8-9 smaller balloons. You will be provided many different choices for both the bubble balloon and the smaller balloons. Upon your order, the personalized message will be designed by the design team. They will send the design as soon as possible for confirmation. It is recommended to place the order at a minimum of 3 days before the birthday party.

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3. 36-inch Helium Inflated Gender Reveal Confetti & Mini Balloons stuffed Giant Balloon

birthday balloon - 36-inch Helium Inflated Gender Reveal Confetti & Mini Balloons stuffed Giant Balloon
Image Credit: https://mistydaydream.com/product/36-inch-gender-reveal-jumbo-balloon-2-side-balloons-bouquet-combo

This is the birthday balloon that is meant to make your birthday celebration an amazing one! The combo comes with a 36-inch big black balloon with personalized wording, and 2 small balloon bouquets (each bouquet consists of 3 balloons). It is recommended to order the balloon at least 1 week in advance. This early order will allow the designers to have more time to design your customized message. You may want to choose the delivery option as the balloon is rather bulky.

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4. Always Be My Baby

birthday balloon - Always Be My Baby
Image Credit: https://mistydaydream.com/product/always-be-my-baby-6-pcs-18-inch-heart-foil-balloons-bunch-2-magenta-2-pink-2-light-purple

Melt the heart of your loved ones with this birthday balloon! This bundle consists of 6 heart-shaped balloons that are 18 inches (2 magentas, 2 pinks, 2 light purple). You may want to pair these balloons with flowers to create a shinny and shimmering effect. These balloons can flow for up to 24 hours depending on the surrounding temperature. This birthday balloon is suitable and loved by people of all ages.

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5. Baby Shower combo set

birthday balloon - Baby Shower combo set
Image Credit: https://mistydaydream.com/product/baby-shower-combo-set-baby-boy-girl-foil-balloon-set-2x-confetti-chrome-plain-latex-4x-star-foil-baby-bodysuit-baby-bodysuit-gift-balloon

Nothing can be happier than celebrating the creation of a new life! You can surprise the expecting mom with this birthday balloon set. The set consists of a Baby Boy/Girl Balloon, 18 inch Stat Foil balloons, and 12-inch Latex Balloons. Strings (about 1.8m) are included for all balloons. All balloons are made from premium quality latex which means that they do not burst easily. The floating time for the balloons is approximately 24 hours except for the latex balloon, which has a float time of around 8 hours.

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6. Birthday Party Combo

birthday balloon - Birthday Party Combo
Image Credit: https://mistydaydream.com/product/birthday-party-combo-2-giant-number-heart-foil-12pcs-confetti-plain-latex-paper-decors-combo-kit-choose-your-color-theme-copy

You can surprise your guest with this birthday balloon set and lighten the atmosphere! The combo includes two 40 inch Giant Mylar Foil balloons with helium inflated, two 9pcs Confetti, Chrome & Pearl Latex Cascading Bouquet, a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” Lettering banner, two 30cm Pinwheel Paper Decor Fan, and two 30cm Pinwheel Paper Decor Fan. The floating time for the Latex Balloons and Foil Balloons are around 8 hours and 24 hours respectively.

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7. Galaxy themed combo set

birthday balloon - Galaxy themed combo set
Image Credit: https://mistydaydream.com/product/galaxy-themed-combo-set-astronaut-foil-balloon-set-36inch-customised-balloons-balloons-cascading-bouquet

The Galaxy-themed combo set is one of the most popular birthday balloon sets in Singapore. The balloons may be simple but they will surely make your birthday party a memorable one. This balloon set consists of a 36-inch customized balloon that can float for 24 hours, 2 balloons cascading bouquet (7pcs per set) that can float for 8 hours. For the balloon color, you can choose from Chrome Gold, Confetti Gold, Demin Blue, and Pearl White. Strings and weights will be included for all balloons.

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8. Dinosaur Party 3 Foils

birthday balloon - dinosaur party 3 foils
Image Credit: https://mistydaydream.com/product/helium-balloons-bouquet-dinosaur-party-3-foils-t-rex-triceratops-apatosaurus-12-chrome-balloons-combo

This Helium Balloons Bouquet is the ideal birthday balloon for your kids. These dino-themed balloons come in chrome colors and consist of 3 different types of dinosaurs (T-rex, Triceratops, Apatosaurus). In addition, there will be two Chrome metallic balloons bouquets (each bouquet will have 6pcs, a total of 12 chrome latex balloons). The balloons are inflated by helium and can last around 24 hours depending on their surroundings. We would recommend that you self-collect or opt for delivery only on the day of the birthday party.

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We have come to the end of this comprehensive resource. We hoped that the contents of this article have helped you a little in finding the ideal birthday balloon for your birthday party.

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